La Carte

" Nos plats sont «faits maison»,
ils sont élaborés sur place à partir de produits bruts "

  • Poched egg, its grated black truffles with sweet leeks and pot au feu stock

  • Cauliflowers soup with light foie gras cream and cognac

  • Roasted pear, blue cheese whipped cream, its walnut biscuit and ham chips

  • Creamy chicken on its toast and raw vegies

  • Roasted Saint-Marcellin (french cheese) with rosemary, honey, toasts and green salad

Main courses
  • Rack of lamb with mashed celery, green beans and crispy socca

  • Thick piece of cod, mashed potatoes with chesnut and squash sauce

  • Beef Filet, mashed carrots, French fries of panisses and red wine sauce

  • Sea bream filet with mashed parsnip and cresson juce

  • Extra seared foie gras available

  • Tiles of creamy chocolat with praline crunch, candied oranges and coffee sauce

  • Poched pear in hot wine with vanilla ice cream

  • Poched clementine, white cheese and honey with Breton biscuit

  • Assiette of mignardises (Mix of seven small dessert)

  • Plate of french cheese and its jams

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